Yun Kyung Jeong


Born in 1981, Incheon, Korea
Lives and Works in Seoul, South Korea


2008 Slade School of Fine Art, University College London, MFA, London, UK
2006 College of Art & Design, Ewha womans University, BA, Seoul, Korea
1999 Seoul Art High School, Seoul, Korea

Solo Exhibitions

2023, Archetype of Night, Graphite on Pink Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2023, Stone Planet, Gallery EXIT, Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR
2021, Finger Spell, Graphite on Pink, Seoul, Korea
2020, The Striking Interval(Dash and Sympony), Gallery EXIT, Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR
2018, Intimate Immensity, Triumph Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2016, Structural Sensibility, Art'Loft , Brussels, Belgium
2015, In Sync, Gallery Koo, Seoul, Korea
2013, The ARCADIAN State, Sumarria Lunn, London, UK
2011, Axonometry , Sumarria Lunn, London, UK
2011, Personalized Memory, Gallery Hyundai Window, Seoul, Korea
2010, Symbiotic Composition: Songam Foundation 2010 New Artists, OCI Museum, Seoul, Korea

Selected Group Exhibitions

2023, ART021 SHANGHAI, Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai, China
2023, Taipei Dangdai, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Taipei
2023, Art Basel HK, represented by Gallery EXIT, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, Hong Kong SAR
2022, Ways of Seeing Jarilager Gallery, Cologne, Germany
2022, KIAF Seoul 2022 Solo booth, represented by Graphite on Pink Gallery(GOP), Seoul, Korea
2022, Art Basel HK, represented by gallery EXIT, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong SAR
2022, Blacklot, represented by Graphite on Pink(GOP), Seoul Auction Gangnam Centre, Seoul, Korea
2022, Hpix 15th Exhibition,Hpix-dosan,South Korea, Co-curated with Graphite on Pink, Seoul, Korea
2021, In Search of Absence,Korea Cultural Center,Hong Kong SAR
2021, Moscow-Seoul: Common intelligence,The Museum of Moscow, Moscow, Russia
2021, A group of Asian Artist this year at Art Basel HK Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
2020, A WAVE OF DREAMS, Triumph Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2019, Asia Now Paris (represented by Art’s Loft/Lee Bauwens Gallery), 9 Avenue Hoche , Paris, France
2019, Art Jakarta (represented by ROH Project, Gallery EXIT), JCC Senayan , Jakarta, Indonesia
2019, Art Basel Hong Kong (represented by gallery EXIT), Hong Kong Convetion and Exhition center, Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR
2018, Other shores:Attraction-Triumph Gallery(Moscow), The Menege Central Exhibition Hall, St. Petersburg, Russia
2017, HAMONIA, Gallery Koo, Seoul, Korea
2017, Art Basel Hong Kong (represented by Gallery EXIT), Convention & Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR
2017, Art Central Hong Kong (represented by Gallery KOO), Central Harbourfront , Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR
2017, LA ART SHOW (represented by Gallery KOO), Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, USA
2016, Sotherby's Auction (represented by Gallery Koo), Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR
2016, KIAF (represented by Gallery KOO), COEX, Seoul, Korea
2016, EXTENSION.KR.10 contemporary South Korean artists, Arsenal halls, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
2016, MADE IN THE EAST, MDZ Art Gallery, Knokke , Russia
2016, EXTENSION KR, Triumph Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2016, Lines of Flight, Gallery EXIT, Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR
2015, BANYAF Art fair Festival (represented by Gallery Koo), Banyaf , Seoul, Korea
2015, KOREA PULSE, ArtLoft , Brussels, Belgium
2015, Exhibition Vide et Plein 2015, Maison Bleu Studio, Paris, France
2015, Art Nova 100, National Agriculture Exhibition Centre, Beijing, China
2015, Sixth Sense, OCI Museum, Seoul, Korea
2015, Art Central (represented by Rook & Raven), Central Harbourfront, Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR
2014, Material Identity, Rook & Raven, London, UK
2014, Start Art Fair (represented by Gallery Koo), Saatchi Gallery, London, UK
2014, Obsessive Compulsive Order, Copperfield Gallery, London, UK
2013, HOMO UTOPICUS, HADA Contemporary, London, UK
2013, The Collective, The House of St. Barnabas, London, UK
2013, New British 2013: Patch London, The Lloyds Club, London, UK
2013, Facing Surfaces: Duo Exhibition, Bosse & Baum, London, UK
2013, Natural Perception, Aretha Campbell Fine Art & Narcissus Arts, London, UK
2012, Thread needle Prize, Mall Galleries, London, UK
2012, Do Window, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, Korea
2012, Guasch Coranty International Painting Prize, Centre d'Art Tecla Sala, Barcelona, Spain
2012, Map The Korea: 4482, Barge House, London, UK
2011, The Return of Abstraction, Art Space Loo, Seoul, Korea
2010, KIAF (represented by Sumarria Lunn & Hanmi Gallery), COEX, Seoul, Korea
2010, Invisible Bond, Korean Cultural Centre, London, UK
2010, Joongang Fine Art Prize, Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul, Korea
2010, Present From The Past, Korean Cultural Centre, London, UK
2010, T R A C E, Sanhe Museum, Hangzhou, China
2010, London Art Fair: presented by Sumarria Lunn, Business Design Centre, London, UK
2009, Natural Recurrence, Nolias Gallery, London, UK
2009, Group/Grope, Area10, London, UK
2008, Visual Vocabulary, Willesden Green Library Centre, London, UK
2008, Korean Contemporary Artists London: 4482, Barge House, London, UK
2008, Long Night, William Angel Gallery, London, UK
2008, Korean Contemporary Artist, G spot, London, UK
2008, FIVE YEARS, James Freeman Gallery, London, UK
2008, Notations 2008, UCL Research Centre, London, UK
2008, SEE ME Lee Cambell Project, Bow Arts Trust, London, UK
2008, Peacock Yard Project, 13Peacock Yard, London, UK
2006, Miki Exhibition, Gallery Cott , Seoul, Korea
2005, Uterus Exhibition, Space Achim , Seoul, Korea
2005, Funny Sight Exhibition, Gallery with White, Seoul, Korea


2018, Forbes Korea 2030 Power Leader, Korea
2017, Samsung The FRAME TV, selected 37 Artists involving project
2017, Harper's Bazzar ART, 150 years anniversary cover image, 5 selected artist, Russia
2012, Thread needle Prize Finalist, Mall Galleries, London, UK
2012, Guasch Coranty International Painting Prize Finalist, Guasch Coranty Foundation, Barcelona, Spain
2010, Songam Foundation: 10 artists selected for solo exhibition with grant, OCI Museum, Seoul, Korea
2010, Joongang Fine Art Prize Finalist, Seoul, Korea
2008, Renaissance Art Prize Award: Visual Art Section Painting, Grand Prix, Italian Cultural Institute, London, UK
2008, Foster Fletcher Prize, Scholarship, London, UK


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Selected Collections

Tiroche DeLeon Collection, Israel
National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Art Bank, Korea
OCI Museum, Korea
Sinopec Limited, UK